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What once began as a group of friends organizing events, has developed into a trio that focuses on being able to exists as artists. Pascal Geurtz, Ralph Oelers and Dominique van der Schoot (Eclectic Bros) started cooperating in 2015.

They can produce a wide variety of sounds, they’re very flexible and they’re capable of creating an atmosphere that resonates in the needs of every type of crowd.
Eclectic Bros combine all sorts of elements, from Eclectic to Electro House.
Eclectic Bros prepare their sets in detail, which is why they include a vocalist in their sets. Producing is an aspect that they value and keep focusing on. Because of this unique combination the Eclectic Bros are ready to take their performances to the next level, and this trio are working hard to gain reputation and respect across the globe.


Past events:

IbizaDreams – Winterswijk, Netherlands

Timeless – Zwolle, Netherlands

Mise en Place – Brunssum, Netherlands

Castle of Love – Kerkrade, Netherlands

INTENSSS – Brunssum, Netherlands

Villa Fiesta – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Versuz – Hasselt, Belgium

I*ESN Cantus – Tilburg, Netherlands

Upstream, MuziekGieterij, Maastricht, Netherlands

 IbizaDreams, Winterswijk, Netherlands

Beachparty XXL, Himmerich, Germany

Upcoming events:

29/07 – Beachparty – Reuver, Netherlands

05/08 – XXL Party – Starfish, Germany

20/08 – Castle of Love – Kerkrade, Netherlands

03/09 – Knastercros – Beek, Netherlands

.. – Inkom – Maastricht, Eindhoven, Tilburg

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